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Hey all! 

Looking for a someone to do a design for a tshirt. I have a very clear design in mind. 

I'm looking for a sort of old school scratchy punk style sketch, he's where it gets interesting :P (Lick) 
The band is called Iron Gosling, a Welsh based Punk band (not quite pop punk not quite rar punk) we are after a personified Gosling/Duckling (there's not much difference really) that is giant and destroying a city. Like the old video game Rampage, so kicking over buildings and maybe breathing fire. The Duck needs to have a quiff like Ryan Gosling and if possible bare a resemblance. 

Told you it was weird, And annoyingly specific. 

Let me know ! 
Hey Guys! 

You miss me ?! 
You notice i was gone ?! :P 
                 Course you did :P                 
    (i hope)

Any ways  how you been ? like tell me comment and update me with your lives i missed you guys, I've been good, reallllllly busy. Looks like i have a knack for this photography lark, I have been out and about taking loads of photo's and doing lots of shoots. I can't really put most of what i take up here as it's either for private business's or a charity i have been working with.
My last gig was photographing a 1 year anniversary party for a local tattoo studio, Take a look here:

Anyways i did a new digital piece cus well i'm on holiday and im bored as shit, someone come talk to me lol  

Oh yea and I got engaged :)
This is to be my last "painting" I have never been sure what to call them lol

Illustration ?  Who knows. There is a reference image and then I draw using my graphics tablet, feels like painting to me. 

Anyways, dA won't let me say thanks to all the favorites i have in my stack without calling me a spammer.To everyone who regularly views, favorites and comments on my work, thank you. 

These digital paintings is what brought me to the heady heights I am at today, I have sold prints to lots of people and (hope) I have brought you all some enjoyment with my works. But honestly I think a steady dose of realism, some personal loss and a busy as fuck lifestyle just mean that my heart isn't in this anymore, I figure I can keep cranking out the same shit i have been or I can concentrate on something new. 

Most of you have seen my photography work, some of you may even like it more then my digital stuff. I feel like this is where I should be concentrating my efforts. I will still paint for the special few of you that occasionally request it but other then that the pretty lady crying in the corner up there marks the end of my stint as a "digital artist"

ChristineKalliri WiP-slinger DragonGirl787 TheZoMbieMoshPiT 

You guys have all inspired or encouraged me and i'd just like to say thanks :) 

This is the end for Azzheasman, I will continue to post some photo's every now and again under the new name WildTheory, Don't forget its still me :P 

Not my work - NOT MY WORK - Not my work

Spotted it this morning on my Imgur feed, figured I'd share it with arty geeks where it would be appreciated. 

Not sure he should be in the containment unit but the sentiment is nice. 

Decided to do my own tribute piece. 

Who you gonna call? by Azzheasman

No in my usual style but it came out quite well 
Time for an aggressive culling of my stuff, there's some old pics here that definitely need to go lol. 

Don't be alarmed if you see loads of stuff disappear if you have anything that you want to stay then here's the time to mention it ;) 

Hey Guys 

I have decided to be a bit charitable/have a rant, I keep seeing pictures on here, on the front page even, or ones that have been given DD's ones with literally thousands of faves and hundreds of comments saying how awesome/epic/beautiful something is, and the photoshop work on it is (and here comes the language kids) fucking horrific. Harsh sounding yes but fair I think you will find. 

"Well what makes you so good Captain Fuckin' Photoshop ?"

Nothing, I have the same qualifications in photoshop as you, yes you! 

 Hell probably less then that guy but fuck you captain fuckin' photoshop what makes you so good ?!? , but anyway what I have done is practised and Googled like a mofo for years and years and now I feel I am in a place to call this out lol . 

So to you my friends, my fans or just people reading this and thinking I'm a dick and want to test me, I offer you this :

  1. Tell me what you want photoshopping, I will shop it and send back or tell you I can't do it / It can't be done to look good (not everything is possible with photoshop, if you took a picture of something with a fucking potato, guess what ? it will look like you took it with a fucking potato, if your photo is out of focus horribly then guess what, you took a shitty photo there is very little you can do to fix this other then sharpen the shit out of it and its likely to look like you took it with the before mentioned fucking potato) 
  2. Use this Journal, or note me, or msn/skype (i don't video chat with strangers mind) me ( ORRRR google it, and  I will either live stream the help to you or run you through how to do it yourself or just help out where I can. 
Photoshop is scary and daunting with all its little buttons and settings and you will never ever ever ever ever ever figure it out wholly without some kind of course, and then they will update it and bam tough shit learning-photoshop-from-a-course-when-theres-billions-of-good-tutorials-free-online guy. 

If you want some help then ask, I love to help, I really genuinely do :P  I love photoshop and art and I want to help you make your art better, so question me, test me or prove me wrong on some stuff, I love to learn too :P 


It's Christmas tomorrow and I am going away for a few days (last minute change of plans stressmuch 0_o) I had every intention of getting all my commissioned pieces done by today, however I found late last night that the roof above my window, where i have several sets of Christmas lights and my Tree and more importantly my very expensive and irreplaceable PC. Holymassivepuddlesbatman!. I have phoned and shouted at my landlord, who seems to think the leaving a leaky house full of expensive hardware alone for several days is okay, he will hopefully get something sorted today but just to be safe i have had to unplug my PC, TV, PS3 and PS4 box them all up and move them to a drier the room. This means if you are expecting work from me its not going to be before Christmas now. I am genuinely very sorry for this and as soon as i am back i will make it up to you all. 

And to anyone I wont be able to speak to over the holidays now, eat and drink lots, have fun with your friends and family and in general just have a great Christmas!!!
My Tablet is on its way out :( well the stylus is the tablet it's self is in okay condition, considering its like 8 years old. ANNNNND my fucking monitor blew up :( Not cool, Luckily I normally run on a dual setup so I can still art, but its weird being back on one screen. ANNNNND I felt a pop in my stomach the other day and have been in pretty serious pain since, turns out a have a hernia, which is fun :) or well not so fun really lol but it's only minor so i might get away with no surgery, still has been a pretty shitty couple of days lol. 

 So any way time for some shameless begging :D 

I'm opening up commissions, pay what you can commissions at that :O, well as long as your offer is sensible lol. But yea any help I can get would be awesome, got kids ? want a cool portrait of them ? favourite characters from films/games/books ? bands I can pretty much paint anyone :) as you can see below ;)

 If at the very least you could also spread this around (the commissions not my shitty weekend) that would be awesome :D 

Avril Lavigne by Wild-Theory    

Mature Content

Lemmy: Overkill by Wild-Theory
   Sugar Skull by Wild-Theory   Sorry by Wild-Theory   Dave Grohl by Wild-Theory

go check this out guys :) 

<da:thumb id="417325779"/>
 photo 47CD8F42-4806-4FEE-B53C-BD8241E9F1E7.jpg

My Prize came today from Null-Entity's Portal Competition :D 
 photo F9E56926-A98A-407B-97AC-F122E44E8599.jpg

OMG! I can't contain my excitement!                    OMG! I can't contain my excitement!                     OMG! I can't contain my excitement!                     OMG! I can't contain my excitement!                     OMG! I can't contain my excitement!                       OMG! I can't contain my excitement!                      OMG! I can't contain my excitement!
        :excited:                      :excited:                    :excited:                 :excited:                :excited:                  :excited:   

Picking it up at midnight tonight :D 
 photo F9E56926-A98A-407B-97AC-F122E44E8599.jpg

OMG! I can't contain my excitement!                    OMG! I can't contain my excitement!                     OMG! I can't contain my excitement!                     OMG! I can't contain my excitement!                     OMG! I can't contain my excitement!                       OMG! I can't contain my excitement!                      OMG! I can't contain my excitement!
        :excited:                      :excited:                    :excited:                 :excited:                :excited:                  :excited:   

Picking it up at midnight tonight :D…

My first art competition :D Go give Kyle :iconnull-entity: and the rest of the guys in the competition some love :D
You all know the deal with this by now ...

screen shot the 15000 views, or as close as you can and there will be prizes :P 

Features, and I will paint you anything you like :P

Good Luck and all that  

Old But Fucking Love This

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 10, 2013, 4:30 AM…

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Journal Entry: Wed Sep 4, 2013, 9:19 AM
I used to look forward 
to seeing your face
but when I look now 
It's just empty space
I know I was wrong 
My vision was clouded
You lied.
For how long ?
Your smile is horror now 
Your eyes are torture 
You killed everything I ever loved 

And I still fucking miss you 


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Bored as Fuck

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 1, 2013, 12:32 PM
Been miserable all afternoon so i'm going to the beach to take pictures of my friend and her doggies to cheer myself up (actual doggies nothing dodgy pack it in you lot) if any turn out well i may even share them.

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How to install GTV5

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 19, 2013, 4:23 AM…

best thing i've seen today 

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Ask me Something

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 17, 2013, 12:37 PM
I've seen these things going around and I'm bored enough to partake, so in an effort to get to know you lot a bit better how bout this. 

Ask me anything you want :) and in return I will ask you something :) 

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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 10, 2013, 12:30 PM

Azzheasman on skype or if anyone is on msn anymore

s k i n b y p y e k